Everyone I know has a non-profit organization or cause they care about.

If you don’t – then get one, be part of the society that cares about others.

Business in a fast moving, technology changing, competitive environment simply isn’t easy. Especially if you want to be profitable.

What can be tougher? How about trying to survive in the non-profit spectrum where so many people need assistance in varying forms and there is never enough money raised or funding to help them all. From medical organizations like LLS to helping abused and battered woman or young single mothers who have had to leave situations that are dangerous or a low-income family with a child battling cancer that can’t afford to miss work vs. holding their child’s hand before another surgery.

If I could win that hundred-million-dollar lottery, I dream of all the good I would silently do.

We do printing for all of the above non-for profits and many more…so… what can we do while balancing our needs as a company?

What can you do?

This is the easiest question to answer:
  1. If possible, yes donate a few bucks, run a small food drive or campaign.
  2. Donate your time and perhaps as a company offer a group effort.
    Your choice of organization most likely sends out mail. We just wrote a blog, well Chris who is a mail expert wrote it, regarding how non-profit mailings should be done that can save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in just the cost of postage. That my friend isknowledge to be shared with the right people that would be the gift that keeps giving!

Why waste money with the USPS that can go directly back into the organization?

Perhaps this is a shameless self-promoting writing, however, it is also the truth.

We care, we will share, we do everything we can to help all of the organizations we work with.

So, please, tell your non-for-profit organization that there is a better way to print and mail that can save them money and increase response by printing with Cox, a company that differentiates itself every day. If you don’t believe me, have you looked at our website??

Thank you and try to make a difference someplace soon.