Direct Mail on a Whole New Level

…or How to Keep Your Direct Mail Out of the Trashcan

The web is great, we all rely on e-mail, and have you tweeted today? Despite all of the revolutions in marketing and communications direct mail marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools available. A properly crafted direct mail campaign can generate a strong return on investment and help you get more leads… and eventually sales.

We can’t improve the conversion rate of your sales force (you need a sales trainer for that) but we can impact the volume of new leads entering your sales funnel. And direct mail is a proven tactic and a good part of a diversified marketing plan.

Not all Direct Mail Campaigns Are Executed Properly

Many direct mail campaigns end up with a waste of money and time, with thousands of mailers ending up in the circular files of your intended audience.
What can you do to keep your mail out of the trash?


The right data is paramount! The quality of your mailing list plays a significant role in the overall effectiveness of any direct mail campaign. If your mailing list is well crafted or recently mined it will target the right prospects. If the data was mined more than three months ago, was originally of poor quality or not properly targeted, you’re going to have a good time wall papering your conference room with all the returned mail.

Good Quality?

Since we all know that it is human nature to judge a book by its cover the shape, color, paper and size all need to be carefully considered. Always use a professionally designed mailing piece and make sure it is printed on a good quality paper.

Cox Printers maintains a substantial inventory of paper in a vast array of sizes, finishes and paper weight. We have just the right paper for your project… and your budget.

Clear Offer?

Of course your offer has to be clear and understood, the preferable “offer you can’t refuse”. Our favorite motto is “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me). If you design and print it properly, and provide them with a compelling offer, how can they not respond to your mailer?

The best way to take your engagement to the next level is through the use of variable data, PURLS, and QR codes. Cox is on the cutting edge of print and digital marketing integration.

And we love A/B testing and often use it to validate a marketing message. Using the right testing protocol before a large mailing drop will result in substantial monetary savings and better results. Tests can be structured to validate the message, the image, even the shape of a mailing.

Right Partner

Cox Printers employs experts in design, printing, mailing, packaging and data. We provide the perfect balance of experience and expertise and can help insure your direct mail campaigns are efficient and exceed your expectation. Add to that our access to PURL’s and other cross channel marketing tactics and we can help you take your business to a whole new level.